[galaxy-announce] Next GalaxyAdmins Meetup: November 20

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[galaxy-announce] Next GalaxyAdmins Meetup: November 20

Dave Clements
Hello all,

The next GalaxyAdmins meetup will be Wednesday, November 20, at 10am US Central time.  See the meetup page for a link and directions for connecting to the meetup.

GCC2013 GalaxyAdmins BoF Followup

This is our first meetup since the GCC2013 GalaxyAdmins BoF where we discussed what the group should focus on going forward, and what the Galaxy Project can do to support the group.

As suggested at GCC2013, followup to that discussion will be the main topic for this meetup.  We came out with several action items and one piece of unfinished business (leadership).  

Also, as suggested at the GCC2013 BoF, we would like to encourage discussion in the week before the meetup.  Therefore, 
  1. Please review the notes from the GCC2013 GalaxyAdmins BoF
  2. Take a look at these two draft implementations of action items from that discussion:
    1. Galaxy Deployment Pages
    2. Galaxy Log Pages
And, if you see anything that you want to comment on please reply to this thread on the Galaxy-Dev list.

I'll update other actions as the call gets closer.

Galaxy Project Update: Main moves to TACC

Nate Coraor will give the project update, focusing on the recent move of UseGalaxy.org to TACC.

We hope to see (well, hear) you there, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


Dave C.


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