[galaxy-announce] Galaxy September 7, 2012 Distribution & News Brief

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[galaxy-announce] Galaxy September 7, 2012 Distribution & News Brief

Jennifer Jackson

Galaxy September 7, 2012 Distribution & News Brief



  •     NCBI BLAST+ has moved from the Galaxy distribution to the Galaxy's Main Tool Shed.

  •     Tool Shed is now running Mercurial version 2.2.3. Many updates and refinements including UI/metadata changes - read the full report.

  •     Streamline local setup with the Reference Genome rsync Server: same builds and indexes as on the public Galaxy Main instance.

  •     More updates to Output and Error Handling including updated documentation and enhancements to exit code checks.

  •     TopHat2 / Bowtie2 latest support includes Tophat2 fusions output, Bowtie2 sorted BAMs, and a new RNA-seq Tutorial.

  •     Trackster updates include improved support for bigWig / bigBed, new support for bedGraph, and a new search feature for GFF / GTF / BED datasets.

  •     Plus many other Workflow, API, Source, UI features and a summary of recent Galaxy Update highlights.



new:     $ hg clone http://www.bx.psu.edu/hg/galaxy galaxy-dist

upgrade: $ hg pull -u -r e6444e7a1685

Thanks for using Galaxy!

Jennifer Jackson & Galaxy Team




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