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[galaxy-announce] Announcing the Galaxy Biostar Forum

Jennifer Jackson

Dear Galaxy Community,

Galaxy has teamed up with Biostar to create a Galaxy User support forum at https://biostar.usegalaxy.org!

We want to create a space where researchers using Galaxy can come together and share both scientific advice and practical tool help.  Whether on usegalaxy.org, a Cloudman instance, or any other Galaxy, if you have something to say about Using Galaxy, this is the place to do it!

Current integration with usegalaxy.org

  • We imported the whole history of [hidden email] mailing list into Biostar

  • If you access Galaxy Biostar from usegalaxy.org (Top menu: "Help ->Galaxy Biostar") you will be automatically logged in. A Galaxy Biostar account will be created for you if it did not previously exist. To obtain this account’s password please use the password reset feature of Galaxy Biostar (https://biostar.usegalaxy.org/accounts/password/reset/).

  • When you have a question, search Biostar directly from any Galaxy tool page.

Read more about how to get started at https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Support/Biostar

Roll-out phase

  • Galaxy Biostar is available at http://biostar.usegalaxy.org and will be our primary avenue for support

  • The [hidden email] mailing list will continue to be supported during the transition but starting now please use the biostar.usegalaxy.org forum to ask all questions about using Galaxy.

  • Please do not double post to both Galaxy Biostar and [hidden email]

  • Send us feedback through the forum's post "Welcome to Biostar" to tell us what you think.

What’s next

We hope you will like the change and look forward to any feedback you may have.

Thank you for using Galaxy!

Galaxy Team


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