September 2020 Galaxy Newsletter

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September 2020 Galaxy Newsletter

Dave Clements
Hello all,

After a one month hiatus, the monthly Galaxy newsletter
is back (and there is a lot going on):

* BCC2020 wrap up, and GCC2021 is on the way
* More event news (some this week)
* Galaxy platform news on
    * (!), ML Workbench, deepTS, BioCompute Object,
      and PiRATE
* Blog posts
    * GVL Bets, SARS-CoV-2 (x2), climate science, get your tool in
      Galaxy, and Galaxy hits 10K pubs
* Training material and doc updates (13 new and updated)
* Publications (19 highlighted, 671 total)
* Who's hiring
    * Institut Pasteur, UConn, Johns Hopkins, BSC, VIB & NCBI
* New releases of Nebulizer and BioBlend
* And other news too

If you have anything to include in next month's newsletter, then please
send it to [hidden email].

Dave C

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