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Release of Galaxy 21.01

Marius van den Beek
Dear Community,

The Galaxy Committers team is pleased to announce the release of Galaxy 21.01.

The release announcement for developers and admins can be found at and user facing release notes are at

A few release highlights are:

Workflows: Best Practices, Reports, Invocations
Workflows have seen huge improvements in this release! The workflow report editor
is easier than ever to use, providing you with a list of common report
components, interactive interfaces for embedding them in your reports, and a
new workflow invocation tracker. You can now embed visualizations directly in
your workflow reports making summarizing your analyses easier than ever. And,
once your reports are produced, you can export them directly to pages to share
your reports with colleagues.If you’re building advanced workflows utilizing
Galaxy’s powerful sub-workflows for reusable workflow components, then you’ll
be pleased to know you can now automatically update those to the latest version

Remote Files
The Remote Files interface is an absolutely fantastic new way to
browse your data. Inside Galaxy there is a new, abstract way to
reference files locally and on other servers. This lets us provide a
uniform interface to FTP servers, your Dropbox, public S3 buckets, and
more! You'll find this under Choose Remote Files in the upload
interface. This interface is also used for importing and exporting

Beta History Panel
The History Panel is getting a refresh and a huge performance boost in
the latest code. Does this sound exciting to you? Try it out now with
the history menu option "Use Beta History Panel". This is not its final
state but we'd love feedback from you, the users, on how you find it. It
features both performance and usability improvements. E.g. now you can
rename files without going into a separate menu, just double click the
dataset title!

Performance Improvements
This release includes many performance improvements for browsing and searching Data libraries, improved job creation performance for certain classes of tools and copying Histories, Datasets and Dataset Collections

Offload Zip Archive Creation to NGINX
Galaxy can now utilize the NGINX module mod_zip to assemble and compress dataset collection and library dataset archives on the fly. This method is more efficient and can create large archives without affecting the Galaxy server process. The required setup is described in the admin documentation for proxying Galaxy with NGINX.

Check out the full release notes for a lot more details, there are many more
enhancements, new visualizations and bug fixes as well as instructions for
upgrading your Galaxy installation.

Thanks for using Galaxy!

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