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Release of Galaxy 20.09

Marius van den Beek
Dear Community,

The Galaxy Committers team is pleased
to announce the release of Galaxy 20.09.

The release announcement for developers and admins can be found at
and user facing release notes are at
A few release highlights are:

GTN In Galaxy
The Galaxy Training Network tutorials can now be accessed from within Galaxy
using the graduation cap icon. For updated tutorials, tools will be
highlighted as blue buttons. When clicked, these buttons will hide the GTN
take you directly to the correct version of the correct tool within the

Plugin framework for uploading datasets
Galaxy administrators can now configure different sources
from which users may upload files. These include global or
user-specifc webdav servers, dropbox accounts as well as
FTP and regular filesystem locations. Developers can add
new types of sources by adding PyFileSystem2
compatible plugins.

Upload directly from the Tool Form
Datasets can now be uploaded directly from the Tool Form.

Workflow import from GA4GH TRS servers
Galaxy can now search and import workflows from GA4GH TRS servers,
such as Dockstore <> and WorkflowHub
We hope that sharing workflows on these platforms will facilitate re-use
and collaboration.

Simplified workflow submission form
Galaxy now presents a simpler and cleaner interface for submitting workflows
that focuses on the parameters to set and datasets to choose.

Accelerated batch job creation and workflow step scheduling
Galaxy now batches database interactions for the creation of batch jobs.
For large batches of jobs this can speed up job creation by 100-fold or

Check out the release notes for a lot more details - there are many
more enhancements, new visualizations and bug fixes as well as
instructions for upgrading your Galaxy installation.

Thanks for using Galaxy!
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