November 2020 Galaxy News

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November 2020 Galaxy News

Dave Clements
Hello all,

The November newsletter is out:


* JXTX: The James P. Taylor Foundation for Open Science
     New name, and meet our first awardees
* Event news
    Lots of them, with one starting today (if you are in Australia / East Asia)
    Galaxy Admin Training will be in late January
* Galaxy platform news
    GalaxyTrakr, Galaxy Africa, Australia, Europe, and UseGalaxy.*
* Blog post
    Advanced Microbiology with Galaxy and TIaaS at Strathclyde
* Training material and doc updates
    Metaproteomics, calling variants, and auto-generated video (!)
* Publications
    Pub curation is on hiatus, but some pubs just can't be ignored :-)
* Open positions
     At 8 organizations.  (Yes eight!)
* New releases
     The new Galaxy Language Server

Thanks for using Galaxy,
Dave C and Beatriz

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