March 2021 Galaxy Newsletter

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March 2021 Galaxy Newsletter

Dave Clements

Hello all,

It is a very busy time in the Galaxy. 2021 is young, but we have already had two large training events, including the largest Galaxy event ever - the GTN Smörgåsbord (with an amazing 1100+ people registered). We are ramping up for GCC2021, which will be online, global, and affordable, and will be more accessible (and likely much larger) than an in-person Galaxy Community Conference.

Galaxy is also shifting with the times, and to reflect how our community has grown. This newsletter includes a new Featured News section highlighting 1) the recent explosion of videos related to Galaxy, 2) a draft global governance model for Galaxy, and 3) the new Galaxy Career Center.

That's followed by another new section highlighting community news. Arguably, everything here is community news, but items listed here particularly emphasize the community aspects of Galaxy.

The newsletter still includes sections on

It's a lot to take in, but it all highlights the breadth and depth of the Galaxy Community.


Dave Clements and Beatriz Serrano-Solano, Editors


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