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December Galaxy News

Dave Clements-2
Hello all,

The December 2019 Galactic News is out!

- 12 Upcoming Events
  - India, PAG, HTS, single cell/microbiome, Barcelona, and more
- 191 new publications
- Two new blog posts
  - g:Profiler, GalaxyP
- Galaxy Platform News
  - Systems biology, Laniakea, OpenRefine, ...
- Training material and doc updates
  - defining data types, citing GTN, Windows, account help,
metatranscriptomics, Galaxy for everyone
- Openings
  - with 5 organizations in Denmark, France, US, US, Germany
- Releases
- Galaxy 19.09 is out
- And other news too

Thanks for a superb year, and we are looking forward to an even better 2020.
Dave C, on behalf of everyone

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